Pyungkal Yul Nutrition Cream mini

Pyungkal Yul Nutrition Cream mini

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Pyunkang Yul Nutrition Cream is a non-irritating cream that provides healthy glow and radiance by delivering nourishment and moisture deep into the skin with nutritious huang qi extract.
A soft textured, nutritious facial cream delivers essential moisture deep into the skin, giving you an extremely glowing complexion.
Infused with 21 kinds of main ingredients verified by US Environmental Working Group (EWG), which includes Mongolian Milkvetch extract that protects skin from external irritations, Shea Butter, Butylene Glycol as moisturizers, Bee Wax that prevents moisture loss.
Use at the last stage of basic skin care routine. Take right amount of facial cream with a spatula. Spread over the face and neck area as well for better result.
You may also add 2-3 drops of facial oil to enhance moisture retaining ability and nourishment.

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MOONSHOT Perfect Cleansing Oil Cotton

A powerful pre-soaked cleansing pad that removes every trace of makeup.
The thick and soft cotton pad minimizes skin irritations.
The embossed surface helps exfoliate skin.
Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid Complex to hydrate skin after cleansing, and Micro Oil Complex to clean and nourish skin.

How to use:

1. Gently wipe across lip/ eye area with makeup.

2. Use the other side to wipe across the entire face to remove makeup residue.

3. Finish with using Perfect Cleansing Foam to clean your face.

Laneige Water Bank Hydro set ( for normal and oily skin )

Introducing Laneige Water Bank hydro set for those who loves trying new products yet don’t want to wasting the left over products. It is recommended for people with normal-oily skin, it provide skin enough moisture without feeling oily or sticky, whether applying before make up or night time skin care.

This set come with :

1. Water Bank Hydro Essence 10ml: a moisturizing serum that helps skin look dewy and clear using the Green Mineral Water from vegetables.
2. Water Bank Gel Cream 10ml: with Moisture Biogene™ to refill moisture to your skin all day, it is proven to be 24 hours moisturizing.
3. Water Bank Eye Gel EX 3ml: contains natural Bilberry Extracts that alleviate stress in skin around the eyes and provide moisturizing effects that can last up to 24 hours.

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Innisfree Perfect UV Protection Cream #antipollution

If you’re a fan of Innisfree, I’m sure you have tried Innisfree sunblock before. The newly launched sunblock which is Innisfree Perfect UV Protection Cream #antipollution is perfect for those in the city and outdoor activities. As its names, more than just whitening and wrinkle effect, it helps a lot with the anti pollution by protect skin from fine dust. While moisturizing the skin, it comes with a soft finish. This sunblock is recommended for all skin type, even after a long run and sweating on oily skin, it still balance quite well.

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COSRX AC Collection Calming Foam Cleanser

Skin type : acne prone, oily without moisture

Brand : Cosrx

Content : 150 ml

Description : daily foam cleanser for acne prone skin, leave skin soft, fresh and moisture while removing excess sebum and dirt!

ប្រភេទស្បែក : មុខមុន មុនខ្ទុះ ប្រេងតែគ្មានសំណេីម

ម៉ាក : cosrx

ចំណុះ : 150ml

ពិពណ៌នា : សាកសមសំរាប់ការលាងសំអាតស្បែកប្រចាំថ្ងៃ លាងជំរះធូលីដី និង ជាតិប្រេងដែលលេីសបានល្អ ដោយរក្សាស្បែកឲនៅទន់ មានសំណេីម និង ស្រស់ថ្លា!

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