COSRX, Patch

COSRX Blackhead Remover

Brand : Cosrx

Country of Origin : Korea

Description : A very easy and safe blackhead remover, non-irritation, fast and doesn’t widen pores, it comes in 3 sheets as set!

Step 1 : Softening Sheets : It open up the pores

Step 2 : Clearing Sheets : after the pores are opened, cleans the nose area with water and apply the clearing sheet for 10- 15mins

Step 3 : Relaxing Sheets : soothing and tightening pores at the same time.

COSRX Blackhead Remover ជាផលិតផលបកមុនក្បាលកូរ៉េដែលងាយស្រួលប្រើមែនទែនដោយវាមាន៣សន្លឹកក្នុងមួយឈុត​​​ មិនធ្វើឲក្រហមស្បែក រោល ឬ រីករន្ធញើសឡើយ។

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